Fuel Your Leadership Growth: The Global Leadership Summit

Fuel Your Leadership Growth: The Global Leadership Summit

Personal Growth and Development is essential for any professional and critical for leaders. How do you stay on the edge of innovation, fresh thinking and thought leadership? You are constantly learning and growing. The person who thinks they know it all or everything out there is “old hat” is either looking in the wrong places or has been hijacked by their ego. Both are a recipe for downfall. So, how do you grow yourself?

There are many industry, general leadership, motivational and topical workshops, conferences, summits and events you can attend. Sometimes people struggle to go because they require travel and are costly. Here is a GREAT option that is likely near you (more locations in the US), is very affordable and will only take two work days of investment – but is well worth it!

The Global Leadership Summit. While this summit is held at churches, they have a world vision to impact leadership. Speakers include thought leaders last year such as Simon Sinek who gave an outstanding talk on tangible and intangible thinking. While I was not familiar with some speakers, each talk was packed with power and inspiration on how to elevate your awareness, thinking and impact. This year speakers include Patrick Lencioni, Chris Voss, Jason Dorsey, Bear Grylls. The event is broadcasted from Willow Creek in IL, however, is simulated internationally.

Save the date: Thurs. Aug 8th and Friday, Aug 9th, 2019. $189 through May 21, 2019 (regular $209) register: https://www.willowcreek.com/rega/#/reg/select