Four Morning Systems that Increase Productivity

Four Morning Systems that Increase Productivity

Wake up and embrace the day! 

I have never been a morning person. Getting that energizing second wind when morning people are going to sleep is more my rhythm.  When morning comes I feel like my body has finally quieted to rest. Get up and embrace the day? How about snoozing a few more times?

That is a reality in my world, but also for others. There are many books on the power of the morning and the value of rising early. To date, I have not seen a book on “taking yourself to the next level by burning the midnight oil”. Bummer. What is it about the morning that is so magical? What makes that time so productive and amazing?

Well, coming from someone who has to “work” to make it happen, here is what I have learned. 

  1.  Wake up and stretch your body and wake up your limbs. It is a great time to do a little mindfulness right out of the gate. Check-in with your body and appreciate it and your health as you draw attention to stretching legs, arms, feet, and hands.
  2.  Get up and make your bed. It is about a habit and discipline to do it. It is about a clean and organized room. It is about not crawling back in.  It is starting the day right.
  3.   Have a morning routine. Do the steps in the same order so they can be unconscious steps that you effortlessly move through. Note: when we change the order of things it helps us to be more mindful of what we are doing but shifts the tasks to our frontal lobe and awareness, where we need to think about each one. For routine efficacy, doing the same order each day allows you to focus on priorities for the day vs. doing basic daily essentials.
  4.  Lastly, start with a “power hour”. The power hour consists of personal priorities that start your day out in the mindset and focus you want to resonate throughout the day. Items can include: 
    •  a longer mindfulness session (which might also be a devotion or meditation),
    • review your goals, mantras or affirmations, journaling, 
    • reading or listening to something inspirational and growth-oriented, 
    • reviewing your priorities and focus for the day and 
    • a workout of some kind.  

The Miracle Morning is a great book that champions the “AM Habits” and routine.  If you want to bundle a walk and listening to a book on audio great! 

It is interesting what people find when they do their AM Habits. It gives you a feeling of power and achievement. It gives you clarity and prepares you for traction throughout the day. Design the routine that will support you best. Stretch yourself to make it significant enough that it will compel you to greater things.  Knowing the benefits of this productivity will help to keep you in the AM habits whether you are naturally an AM person or a night person that has to make the AM a priority. Either way, it will benefit you and support a positive and productive day!