Five Simple Steps to Create Greater Success

Five Simple Steps to Create Greater Success

Here are 5 simple steps to create greater success by managing our time and getting things done in business and life that are important.
We live in a busy world where our time, priorities and energy are constantly challenged so have a game plan to help….

  1. EVALUATE. What do I really want? Where am I headed? What am I doing now?
  2. GET REAL. What is really important that will impact and support your long-term goals the best? What is not important? What is distracting me? What is not really supporting my long term goal?
  3. PLAN. What do I need to do to accomplish my goal? What are the KEY action steps? How will I do this? What schedule or strategy will keep me focused?
  4. FOCUS. Who do you need to be and what structures do you need to have to accomplish this (mindset, attitude, accountability)?
  5. MONITOR/EVALUATE. Am I doing little, unimportant things? Am I procrastinating? What is working/ what is not? How could I streamline what I am doing?

The key to the success of the idea is a plan. You know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Take your idea, write a SMART goal on paper and create a plan from start to finish on how you will accomplish your goal.  Then, decide if you have the time, energy, resources and desire to bring it to completion. Next, estimate HOW LONG each task will actually take. It is common to underestimate how much time each step will take and therefore it never gets done.  Remember, if you are going to add something to your schedule, you must also plan to say “No! to something else to make time to accomplish your goal.

Goal setting and accomplishment is not rocket science. The challenge is to maintain the discipline, focus and clarity to implement these basic strategies. Evaluate your long-term goal, be realistic, plan, set structures for focus and have checkpoints to monitor. Invest your time in your plan and maintain the course once it is set. If you are serious about these goals, take action today. Ensure your success by developing an accountability system for yourself. Hire a coach as your strategic partner to run with you. Find a buddy in a similar situation.

Whatever it is, build environments to support your vision. Take the time to plan and design structures for success and you will see a difference!

Here’s to you and your success! Have fun!

As a coach, Christy Geiger works to maximize human effectiveness through clarity, focus and planning. In her coaching and training programs, she educates, encourages and equips individuals with resources they need to use their talents and skills to make effective decisions, increase productivity and generate momentum to live with passion and exceed their goals.  Visit to find more or request a free sample coaching session!