Fear What? (part1)

Fear What? (part1)

In this article we will:
  • look at fear
  • understand how it holds us back 
  • teach us how to overcome it so that we can do what we need to do to be effective and valuable  
Fear shows up in many different ways and on many different levels.  Some feel insecure and fearful while others are confident and secure in what they do. No matter the level, everyone has fears.  What is yours?



  • …you are an effective and thriving professional but you fear outgrowing your position if you do what it takes to be at your full potential. 
  • …you are considering a change and you fear losing the security of your current position. 
  • …you desire simplicity, but fear letting go and not having as much stuff or that you will need it if you get rid of it.  
  • …you know you need to advance your education but fear letting go of some current expenses and commitments to have enough time and money to go back to school.
  • … you are feeling the fire to stand up for yourself but you fear being criticized or looking stupid if you open your mouth.  
The list can go on.  These are just some examples to get you thinking where your fears reside.

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