ENERGY BUILDERS: Top 5 ways to engage ….

ENERGY BUILDERS: Top 5 ways to engage ….

5. Stuck? Do a mental purge. List or tell someone everything that is on your mind. What is holding you back? What is consuming your mental hard drive space?

4. Overwhelmed? What is MOST important? Look at your list. Which one thing if you completed it would make the biggest difference? Discipline yourself to complete it before doing anything else.

3. Exhausted? What wakes you up and gets you energized? A workout? Music? Reading inspirational works? A motivation poster? Make sure your magic pill is easily available in your environment.

2. Negative? Watch You attract what you think and say.

1. Unproductive? You are focused on the urgent and reacting. Stop. Evaluate. Do one important item before the urgent. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you never break the cycle of reaction, your day will always be like this.

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