Discover Your Direction: Where Do You Want to Go?

Discover Your Direction: Where Do You Want to Go?

This might be a vision for yourself or your company.  “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.”  Your vision is your ability to see what is possible and making that vision so tangible and concrete that it is manifested in the world. Vision is the BIG PICTURE.  A vision statement paints the picture of what is possible, illustrating what the success will look like once you get there. This is where you are headed, what you are building and all you are aspiring to create/be.

Think out 3 years from now and get a picture of what your want for the future.  What do you want?  Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? 

  • First, just think about the future.
  • What will things look like in 3 years? Your competitors, your family, your market and the world are important considerations?
  • What are the trends that are happening that impact you? How are inventions, technology, politics, etc. changing the way you do or will have to work?

Draft 3 scenarios:

  1. Bad place in 3 years:
  2. Expected place in 3 years:
  3. “WOW” / unbelievable place in 3 year:

 As you think about these scenarios, write down a few key points of what you want and do not want. Now, you are ready to write your vision. Based on what you want, draft where you want to be in 3 years.

 Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN