Develop Your Vision

Develop Your Vision

A good vision…

  1. … is realistic yet idealistic. A vision must be realistic enough so that people believe it is achievable, but idealistic enough so that it cannot be achieved without stretching.
  2. … is relevant. A vision must be appropriate for the values and culture of the organization as well as fitting the environment of the times.
  3. … is attractive. A vision attracts commitment, inspires enthusiasm, motivates and energizes people.
  4. … is unique. A vision reflects the uniqueness of the organization and what sets them apart from others.
  5. … is ambitious. A vision must not be commonplace, but truly extraordinary.
  6. … clarifies.  A vision provides the rationale for both the mission and goals the organization should pursue.
  7. … looks ahead. A vision is not in the present; it is in the future.
  8. … gives purpose. A vision gives meaning to people’s work by making them feel like they are part of a greater whole.
  9. … sets a standard. A vision establishes high ideals and a standard of excellence.

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

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