Designing the Memetic Environment

Designing the Memetic Environment

Environment of MEMETIC:

Review the following to help you evaluate and bring your “MEM’S” more in-line with your goals.


The environment of memetic is about stimulating creativity and structures to support your life and goal.

This includes:

  • Ideas – New thoughts that come from external or internal sources. Internally they are the thoughts we come up with for solutions, improvement, change, or just a random realization, etc.  Externally they can be stimulated by signs, people, spontaneous conversations, events, exploring new places/ trips, etc. They can happen independently of anything intentional (see a commercial and get a new idea for how to motivate yourself) or through intentional idea generating conversations through networking, study groups, brainstorming, vision groups, teams, etc.
  •  Concepts – This is the abstract thoughts or bigger picture of how things might come together. A concept is a structure created from core beliefs, information and/or ideas which are then put together in a “picture” thought. Like a puzzle is a bunch of pieces put together to make a picture…a concept is the puzzle picture created from many bits. This happens when analyzing situations with friends, figuring out what happened, investigating, exploring. All of the gathering put together creates a concept.  This is an area individual coaching that is popular for supporting people.
  • Information – These are the messages coming into you from the outside through numerous sources like our parents, peers, books, magazines,, web sites, teachers, classes, anywhere that you can gather and learn things that will  support your learning to further ideas and concepts.

FOCUS: Write your main goal: ____________________________________________________________



  • What are you curious about? Sit outside for 15 min. and just notice what is out there. Be curious, where did it come from, how is it made, etc. This is a great way to sharpen your idea muscle. Stop and notice what is around you and be curious….
  • Where do your best ideas come from?
  • How do you get ideas when you need them?
  • How often do you need ideas (are you a routine person or do you like new things?)
  • When is your best creative time? (ideas are a creative exercise)
  • What topic would be great to do some brainstorming on?
  • What kind of ideas would support your goal action steps? Write a list of 10 things (i.e. how to motivate yourself, low fat receipts, etc.)
  • Look through a magazine for 10 min. what do you notice? Tear out the pages that spark your interest.
  • Tell 3 people one of the “things” on your 10 list above. Ask them if they have any ideas that would help? Write what they say.
  • What new thoughts have you had about your goal? Write them down.
  • What kind of structure would support you in getting new ideas? (brainstorm with friends, look at specific type of magazine, go to library, look up key words on internet and go to cued sites, make a collage, make a list, etc.)


  • What are the pieces of your goal that you know? (want to loose weight, need nutrition, etc.)
  • What do you need to figure out?
  • Where are you getting stuck or blocked?
  • Where are you excited and find moving easy?
  • What is working; what is not?
  • What are you doing this for? What is your bigger picture really about?
  • With your goal progress, how is it going? Make a puzzle and label the parts that you know (above) and look at the empty places, what is there to see?  How many are there? What do you “know” about this puzzle? What seems to be void/missing? What are the interesting connections? What “fits” and compliments each other? What do you need more of? How is this coming together for you?


  • What are your main information sources?
  • What would be a few new places to look?
  • What information do you have about your goal and the steps to date?
  • What information is outstanding (looking but have not found)?
  • What new information do you want?
  • What information was KEY to your success and movement?
  • What about your goal do you need to explore or find more about?  Look in 5 different places for that information.
  • How do you document or track your information?
  • How would you like to organize important information you collect?
  • Is there any information you need to get rid of? (Is it true, helpful or inspirational?)
    • Check your source, is it credible?
    • Analyze the facts,  you may have gathered some information that is not true, but you made true [FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real].
    • Is it helpful… some facts we keep drilling in our head that do not support us [Don’t eat potato chips; they make me fat.  – focusing hard on the negative VERSES “I love juicy red strawberries; those are so healthy and energizing for me!” – a positive focus that adds to your thinking rather then trying to contently fight and erase the “bad” things.)


  • How are you getting new ideas to support in you to keep momentum in reaching your goal?
  • What are you doing every day to get the ideas, concepts and information you need to achieve your goal?


  • Review this environment
  • Schedule a coaching call if you want additional support
  • Explore the questions for yourself & then brainstorm regarding your goal
  • Start to identify some ways to support your goal through the environment of memetic
  • Write questions you have
  • Draft a few steps you could take this week to move you closer to your goal!

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