Daily Affirmations to Get You Moving

Daily Affirmations to Get You Moving

Here are a few daily affirmations to read for 30 days to get yourself in a positive forward moving direction.

My goal is … (insert)

• Be consistent, doing activities that support your goal. I need to …..

• See the gap between your goals and the activity you are doing to get there. I will close the gap by….

• Know what you are going for. What will I do today to move closer to my goal?  Today, I will….

• Know the difference between “billable/productive” work and “busy” work. What counts today is…

• Have a dream and know what you can do to reach it. I will be one step closer if I….

• Help others get what they want; in return you will get what you want (be selfless and giving)(givers gain). I will help someone today by…

• Be positive and focus on what IS possible. Remember we attract and get what we focus on. I am focused on….

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer,  Minneapolis, MN

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