Creating Freedom For Your Life

Creating Freedom For Your Life

My life just opened up when I realized my perspective on it was very small. Years ago when I was going through a challenging period of life, I was seeing a counselor. While I felt that my perspective on life was broad and respectful of many aspects, the counselor challenged my perspective. He talked about having a hard focus on one area, which created a narrow lens through which to see the situation, problem, and solution. While I could agree with this, I couldn’t quite understand how else to view this challenge, which seemed to be affecting many areas of my life.

The gift I received in that season was learning how to rise above the hard look at a specific gridlock and see that while I might be stuck in one area, sometimes that was a sign of opportunity elsewhere. To hold life loosely versus with a tight and rigid grip. It reminds me of the little quote about missing opportunity because you are busy looking for that four-leaf clover in the backyard, while it is knocking at the front door.

Rising above the challenge meant having a worldview. It meant not holding this one situation, which seemed to consume my life, as something that really had the power to consume my life. Rather, when backing up, seeing the smallness of that part in the larger picture of life. I realized how I had become drawn into one microfocus area of life. I realized that when I let go and saw my world as a large canvas and opportunity, this microfocus didn’t have so much power. It had power because I was living with it under a microscope and attending to all the many details, facets and challenges it presented. My closeness to it caused anxiety, stress, and stuck-ness.

When I backed up I could see how it was a part, but not the whole. I could see how there were tons of other areas that were not stuck or complex. I could see there were areas that were ready for energy, time and investment. They were not resistant or fighting, rather open and wanting attention. Suddenly opportunities and fields of options lay before me. My energy started stirring at possibility. Ideas started churning as I wondered and mused. The hyper-focused problem that controlled me before felt smaller and less significant. It felt like it needed to be put on the shelf, while these other glimmering gems sparkled with attraction and potential.

My life opened up when I realized my perspective on life when held loosely and widely is expansive. The realization of holding a larger worldview creates space for more options and avenues when something seems stuck or locked up. While this can be a challenging lens to hold constantly in life, it really applies to many areas and can provide great freedom for anyone who applies the principle. It is the essence of unattachment and the gift of letting go.

What are the things that bottleneck or clog your life? What are the things that create freedom and power for your life?