Communicating to Connect and be Heard

Communicating to Connect and be Heard

Do you ever feel you are working hard to communicate, but your message does not seem to be heard or understood? Do you feel it seems people are listening but not processing or engaging? Do you feel like you have been communicating for years and thought you were pretty good at it, but find your message seems floating into the air not really landing anyplace? What is going on? Is communicating more challenging these days?

I believe it is. Thanks to the gift of Google, the internet and the ease of social media, videos, and websites, there is now more information being shared in the world than ever before in history. The speed of technology and the advancements of design are changing rapidly to keep up and support the attention span of listeners.

Here is a blog from Prezi to help consider ways you might have been communicating and upgrades to better ways to communicate. Learning not only your trade but the current art of communication is a critical skill in today’s fast and full world of messages.

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