It has been an honor to connect with Jullien Rossel who has created her company and transitioned to it from her full-time work during our coaching.  She is brilliant in her self-awareness and balance of drive with reflection. She has a heart for people and supports them to transform into greater wholeness. She has a passion for adults and realizes that adults impact their children, so as adults do their personal growth work, it supports them to raise their children in a healthier way as well.  Here is a little from Jullien about her story and coaching experience:


“The magic of coaching is in gaining the self-awareness and the confidence to take the steps to your desired level. I don’t think that I would have taken this path to entrepreneurship with so much grace as I’ve done without Christy -Just handing in my credentials and a high-paying career to start over in a field that was so new to me while having the confidence to do so. Whether that is in your career or whether that is in your business, the coaching really helps to find that insight, that deep knowing inside of you, to know what your next level is and to actually do it to transform you into your next desired level. We’ve worked on many topics from the day-to-day hurdle such as managing stress and time up to the more strategic topics – it always gives a different perspective on how to handle the issue at hand. 

When I look back, I really can say that it transformed me to become more effective, focused, and confident in attaining the goals I want to attain.

I want to thank Christy for all the support she has provided me along the way. The first time we met, it was as if she ‘got’  me and my life. She is extremely good in what she does. We started when I was working in technology and soon carved out a way to start my own business. While working for a corporate she supported me in managing the effectiveness of my role and later when moving into my own business she supported me in becoming an entrepreneur. She is really golden in being a running mate, supporting me through every phase of life. My greatest win was that she helped me to start a healing course that was like ‘home-coming’ to me. Throughout every career, I’ve always been good at what I did, but nothing felt like giving healings and knowing that this is my zone of genius. Within week 2 I was giving healings using my intuition and I realized that my intuition is my strongest asset which she helped me connect with. There are times where she would ask, what would your intuition say? Rather than giving the answers. She has an eye for the individuality and strengths of a person and knows how to bring that forward. 

 The coaching with Synergy Strategies had a tremendous impact on my successes in my career and later my business. Christy supported me in creating a vision for the business and keeping my eye on the goals.  Being a mom herself, she got the vision and the impact. I would not have been where I am without her. She has incredible tips like books or people and is always able to guide me forward in the topics we work on. 

 I would advise everyone to get a coach. The best athletes in the world have a coach and not without a reason. Having a great coach would allow you to grow beyond measures. You have someone who can mirror you and who can guide you into your next level. I would recommend everyone Synergy Strategies and having coaching with Christy. She is amazing!”


Jullien Rossel