Character, The Truth About Who We Are

Character, The Truth About Who We Are

We have an option with our character, however  … because it is all about choices. In his blog, 9 Little Character Tests That Tell You Way Too Much About Yourself, this writer shares great insight and thoughts.  I often read Carey in support of the ministry world where I volunteer. This article was great…. to help take inventory of your character … granted it can change depending on stress level and situation, but take this food for thought the next time you are at one of these crossroads! 😉

Carey shares the following “9 Every Day Things That Reveal Way Too Much About Your Character”

  1. What you think when someone takes ‘your’ parking spot
  2. How you react to slow internet
  3. The gap between what you think and what you say when someone compliments you
  4. How you respond to critics
  5. What you tell yourself when you make a mistake
  6. How you react when someone overfills the trash…and doesn’t take it out
  7. Your social media voice
  8. How you react to other people’s social media voice
  9. How you return the shopping cart

For an explanation of these things read the full article at:


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