Change Is Inevitable

Change Is Inevitable

Do you resist change or struggle to embrace it in your company or organization? Change is hard for most people. In the DISC personality profile, one company statistically extracted that 63% of the world (so over ½ of the population) are more of the “S” profile style. The “S” profile style does not like change. They thrive in habits, rituals, routines. Their goal is stability, efficiency, and doing things well and right. When “change” occurs it can strain all of these things. It introduces more risk and chance of failure – what if the change was not right? What if we pick the wrong thing? What if it doesn’t work? What if we let go of the thing we should have kept? What if we forget something? Change is more liquid, moving, and undefined. It is not settled and opens the door for conflict and questions as the team works to figure out the change and the “new normal”. This can be very uncomfortable for many people, “S” profiles, and others as well. It is not surprising that change is a resisted effort!

While all of these things are true of change –

    1. More people than not, will struggle to keep things the same rather than changing it (whether subconscious or conscious),
    2. Change introduces the unknown and risk and
    3. Because change is uncomfortable, it takes work to make it happen.

What is interesting is the CHANGE of times, era, generations and what will happen whether we as humans like it or not, and this CHANGE is what prompts the need for humans to stay on their toes, be sharp, adapt and CHANGE.

As I always say – KEEP CHARGING. Change is inevitable, learn to leverage it vs. resist it.