Building Your Focus (part 2)

Building Your Focus (part 2)

Great Work defined as: meaningful, engaging, proud of it, makes a difference and impact. It is work that matters. None of us are doing as much great work as we would like to do. Generally there is a hunger to do more great work. We want this because it is powerful and has a fire and energy to it. You are at your fullest potential! With your focus, conviction and passion for this thing that will make the biggest impact. This involves innovation, change, strategy…. Big picture.   Great work is what really makes a difference and leaves lasting impact.  Great work shows up when: 1) there is a crisis and you sort out the disaster 2) when you get delegated something to you and you are able to make it happen 3) you discover what is the higher potential of your GOOD work. Look at your good work and ask yourself, is this on the top or bottom of my good work? How could I take this good work to the next level that would make it really pop or matter?

Evaluate your work and your day…. List everything you do in your day and rate it Bad, Good and Great. See the percentages in each quadrant (draw a circle and fill in). Is that OK with you, or what do you want to change? There is not a “right” balance, but the goal is to FIND BALANCE between good work and great work. Be intentional to shift to spending your time on GREAT work vs. just good work. It is not about doing things and absorbing time, but doing what really matters and counts! Work to focus on your great work and time (i.e. to choose your GREAT/ high impact work is to spend 90 minutes a day working on the book – then, protect the time, hold the time for the first activity of the AM and resist doing other things until this GREAT work is finished. Design accountability to help you stay focused so that you deliver and make sure you follow-thru on the GREAT work time.) (Note: this is similar to the EAT THE FROG concept found in Brian Tracy’s Book)

Discovering your great work spots:

1)     know your values, peek moments, your strengths, and what really matters to you. If you know what matters to you then you can better understand where your great work will be found.

2)     Don’t get stuck / paralyzed guessing which project to work on. Take your best guess, pick one and do it

3)     Ask someone to walk the path with you – have accountability structure designed (coach, spouse, mastermind group, team, etc.)

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN