Building Your Focus (part 1)

Building Your Focus (part 1)

Here are some notes from the class I was on today – thought you might enjoy! 

Beyond Overwhelm – Building your own Focus Muscle from Michael Bungay Stanier

Today I was on a teleclass with Michael Stanier. Here are a few notes and things gleaned from him.

Question: On a scale of 1-7 how focused do you intend to be while you are reading this post (or going through your day with your tasks).  How is your focus??

1 – I am multi-tasking and have many windows open and checking e-mail periodically, have a few pop-ups and might be juggling a few things, eating lunch, etc. (expect interruptions)

7 – door closed, desk cleared, white sheet of paper to learn and environment is set so I can concentrate and focus on just the thing in front of me

When you are a 7 – you are best positioned for success, growth and productivity. 

Part of focus is a muscle that is developed. When we constantly multi-task this muscle is weak  Your brain is constantly growing and making connections and pathways. If you want to grow your potential and capacity, then you have to learn where and how to focus.

Tool #1: Bad, good, great evaluation model.

Book: Do more great work! This book talks about the model that everything we do falls into 1 of 3 buckets. Good, Bad or Great Work.

Bad Work defined as: mind numbing, soul sucking, draining work, exhausting your one and precious life (meetings, conflict, paperwork, meetings, etc.)

  • Company in the UK has a “cut the crap” committee – which helps to cut out the bad work and junk in your day.
  • AWOMBAT = A waste of money, bandwidth and time.

Good Work defined as: productive, efficient, focused and getting things done. Done without mistakes and moves business forward. It is however, never ending…  like scooping water out of the ocean… on-going task. It keeps you busy, overwhelmed, a little stressed and causes overwhelm. Can keep you in a rut or the treadmill of life/business – same think, constant effort… good work never ends.

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN