A brand communicates a lot about you. It sends a visual and energetic message about who you are, what you do and who you serve or want to attract. While there are always hot trends for each year as well as seasons that certain colors and styles are more popular, a brand that works is what that communicates. While I am not a brand expert, I am very passionate about communication, which keeps me in sync with the topic of marketing and branding. With the world changing at the pace it is right now, it is reasonable to stop and take inventory of your brand and messaging to make sure it is working and communicating.

I had the opportunity to contribute to this Forbes Article with 8 other Forbes Coach Members to offer some tips to help you assess and what to do if you find your branding might feel a little flat. With the amount of “noise” in our world today, your brand helps to quickly communicate and connect you with your audience. It is worth making it part of your annual top of the year assessment and planning. If it is good to go, great! If it needs a tweak, this is a great time to sharpen it and if it needs a refresh, know it is supporting your overall work and mission!

Here is the article:

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