Wild Woman’s Guide to Etiquette

Wild Woman’s Guide to Etiquette

Wild Woman's Guide to EtiquetteThis book, Wild Woman’s Guide to Etiquette, is written by a phenomenal author. She not only writes in a way that is easy to read and understand, but the material includes everyday tidbits everyone needs to know. It is a practical, easy and entertaining read. I would encourage every high school or college student to read it before they go into the professional work world. While I have been in the business world for over 10 years, I bought it to sharpen my business acumen and would recommend it to any business professional. In our culture today we have gotten lax on many etiquette details; this book is a great refresher for what you know and a fascinating read for things you thought you knew or “should” know, but never quite realized or applied.

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Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

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