Book Review: Career Distinction (with supporting 360 assessment tool)

Book Review: Career Distinction (with supporting 360 assessment tool)

This book is a fantastic resource and not only helps the person on the career search but any person seeking definition of their professional brand and to understand their leadership impact (how they are currently understood or impact others).

I use this book and assessment for all three of these areas:

  1. career search
  2. leadership development (simple 360 assessment)
  3. marketing brand

Leaders and career seekers have all found it useful to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, their impact and their stand out characteristics.  The book is a wonderful workbook of sorts to dig in deeper and can be used simply as a reference tool if needed. The key is starting with the assessment. It is a 360 type and works best when you have 30-50 people take it. The more people who weigh in the more your key attributes rise to the top.

Coaching is a great way to analyze and understand your results and the so what factor.  The company offers a free 15 day to get feedback and results. Excellent tool for leaders and career seekers.   Take yourself, your leadership and your company to the next level by understanding your impact and distinction today!

Have fun!

These are the directions I give my clients who are looking to take it:


It is a free 360. You send it to 30-50 people.

  • About 10-15 family
  • 10 friends
  • 10 co-workers (others teammates) or under you
  • 5-10 upper level (equal or above)

You can’t send it to too many people. You will only have access to this for 15 days (with the FREE version anyway), so you want to move quickly once you start it.

  1. Gather your list of people to ask.
  2. Send it on a Sunday afternoon and ask them to respond “this week” with a deadline of FRI.
  3. FRI AM send a reminder
  4. SAT tell them you are closing it out on MONDAY, so please take 10 min to respond this weekend
  5. Then, Monday you can print out your report and start to analyze to understand your top traits, your top leadership attributes, etc.  

If you want to give them more time you can, but generally e-mails just get buried. You want to PRINT or COPY AND SAVE the report in your PERSONAL ASSESSMENT folder on your computer after you take it because after 15 days it is GONE from the Reach system.  You can give them 2 weeks, but I like to push a week and then have a little extra space for reminders. I think if you send first on a weekend and give the workweek, most can get it done, as some do things like this on the weekend and others during the work week, depending on what category they fall in for you…  It is extremely enlightening and helpful to understand your impact and is anonymous so people can give you REAL feedback without worrying about hurting your feelings.