Be Planful. Have a Routine and Systems

Be Planful. Have a Routine and Systems

Systems are things like a set of folders on your desk labeled with your main 5-6 work categories. When items come in you put them in the folder and then schedule work time for each “bucket” of work. Bucket examples are administration, marketing, customer care, accounting/invoicing, production, development, etc.

Consider what tasks you need to do each week and create routines and systems for them. You are more likely to get them done if they are puzzled into a process than if each week you are leaving it up to self-discipline to remember to back up your computer. Make a list of all the things you do daily and weekly and monthly. Then work to group them in an order and a time of day so they piggy back on each other or something you always do. This will help keep you organized and efficient.

Doing a Frog will help with procrastination.  Setting a fixed amount of time will help you stay focused. Using the folders will help from getting distracted and allows you to stay focused on your task at hand rather than running down another trail for a while. Turning off your phone and closing your door will help reduce distractions – try it for just 1-2 hours a day and hang a sign when you will be unavailable.