Be Focused.  Try: Frog. AM Habits. To-Do List.

Be Focused.  Try: Frog. AM Habits. To-Do List.

Each night make your to-do list for the next day. Star your top 3 priorities and pick your Frog. Your frog is an important (vs. urgent) item on your to-do list. It doesn’t matter if you get it done the next day but is something you really need to do the next day because it is growing in importance to get done. If not done for a period of time will become urgent. Generally, frogs are things we procrastinate on.  The first thing the next day, start with AM Habits. Your first AM habit is to do your frog – before you do anything else (check e-mail, voice mail, etc.). After your frog is done (which you may block 30 minutes for) then move on to a series of 3-6 things that you do the same each morning.

For example, AM Habits:  Frog. Read daily inspiration. Send encouragement note to one person. Read your goals. Check e-mail & VM.

An example of PM habits are: Track & enter notes & stats for the day. Clear desk. Check voicemail & email. Make to do list for next day (picking frog & top 3). Journal on successes for the day.

Doing your AM and PM habits is a great example of a routine. Doing it at the same time each day will make it a stronger routine.