Be Clear. Try Nightly Brain Dump & Clean Sweep

Be Clear. Try Nightly Brain Dump & Clean Sweep

Each night take 30 minutes for this game-changing routine! It can be at the end of your workday or at the end of the day. Start by “picking up” from the day – papers, tools you have used, notes, etc.  As you clean up it often triggers your mind of things you need to do. Allow this to integrate with your BRAIN DUMP to do list.

Often people keep to-dos in their head, which then subconsciously go home with them and keep them distracted, disengaged or stressed about an action they are holding in their mind. As you clean up, write down any pending to-dos. As you finish cleaning up, check your voice mail and e-mail and find any other to-dos that might be waiting for you. Then when you are done, mentally walk through your day – the activities, meetings, people you talked to, etc. Write down any promises, commitments or actions you have from the day.  Once the list is brain dumped, you can review it and organize it.

Note things that you want to be intentional about doing tomorrow, the next day, next week and so on.  Some people keep this list on paper and reference it there, others move it into a calendar system to remind them on that day, others integrate into an app. You want to be able to access that paper on the day it is time to work on those items. If you are able to brain dump, you will find a clearer mind, greater peace, higher productivity and an increase in your performance. Your mind is working on your actions while you are not consciously thinking about them or even subconsciously worrying about them.