Sometimes people ask about the “Laws of Attraction” and how to have a vision but not control it, how to set a goal and direction but surrender it to God. This can be a challenging concept to plan without planning or to go with the flow of life but not be aimless and wandering. This is how I have learned to be intentional with goal setting and direction but surrendering to God, His desire, will and greater plan for my life.

How to find a place of acceptance and surrender with life and vision …

  1. SEE yourself having the vision/dream/idea/goal (have the concept, step out of it and look at it)
  2. FEEL yourself having the concept
  3. INVITE others to the concept (see them interacting with you in it and affirming it)
  4. LET IT GO and release it, having no expectations or demands of how it has to come to pass; surrender control
  5. LET IT EXIST and come to you the way it is destined to come to you. Feel the power of allowing and effortlessness (concept to set the dove free and if it comes back to you it is meant to be and if it does not it was meant to be someplace else)
  6. WRITE AN AFFIRMATION of how you want to “show up” in order to hold the intention and desire (focus on your way of being not controlling the outcome)

I know these things can seem a little “woo-woo” and “fluffy”, however it is a practice and mindset to put on when setting goals and intentions. It is important because sometimes we become very fixed on a way a goal or outcome has to unfold, has to turn out and we become rigid and narrow in our demands of results and events. This creates negative energy and can derail that wonderful process that is so magical when you simply allow yourself to see the vision, be present and in the process … receiving the gift that God has for you as you follow His path for you.

The Secret of
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