Anatomy of Peace

Anatomy of Peace

My favorite book of 2010; this book is a game changer. If you have not read it yet, put it on your 2019 Q1 reading list. The reality is we all have an ego. As a leader, your ego is inevitably going to be challenged, either as you experience the perks or pits of leadership.  In the perks, it is easy to fall into the trap of power, control, higher than, needing to be seen as, and so much more. n the pits, it is natural to fall into the victim, deserving frustration and irritation with the team who doesn’t get it, is hypercritical, or seemingly always unsatisfied with whatever is happening.  No leader is immune from this struggle – and if you are not experiencing it, you are likely not really leading.

As we grow in awareness of the ego and this struggle we are able to better navigate, however the leader who thinks it is not “their” issue, will soon be blindsided by their ego silently hijacking them like a virus running in the background of your computer.  Awareness of your ego and how it is showing up is a constant reflection for a good leader. This book is a follow-up to Leadership and Self Deception to share a “story-like” view of the concepts in action.

It is important not only for your leadership reflection about how you are showing up but how you are engaging with your team or those around you. Who are you putting in a box and how do you see people. As we continue to shift to the connection era from the productivity era, seeing people in a box will become more and more unacceptable and obvious. If you don’t realize how you are doing this, it would be a great growth area for 2019.

Here is a link to a  great summary and graphic depiction of the book. It is useful to print and post to remind you regularly of mental boxes we can get into. Reading the book is highly recommended to fully understand and digest the concepts and message to support your leadership health!

Which zone is the greatest trap for you? Where do you get stuck? What perspective would you like to shift?