Am I Successful? Check-up

Am I Successful? Check-up

How do you define success? Dr. Travis Bradberry recently quoted in his article 9 Signs You’re Successful—Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It that, “67% defined success as ‘good relationships with friends and family,’ and 60% said it is loving what you do for a living, only 20% stated that monetary wealth determines success.”

Sometimes when leaders and executives come to coaching, they desire to be their best self but also struggle with the feeling that somehow their return on their performance isn’t quite measuring up to where they want to be compared to their peers. If you are content – that is significant and continue to cultivate that attitude. The challenge for those who are not is not that they are greedy, selfish, materialistic people; rather society and the world often measures a return on success by status and where you are with things. This then becomes a secret measurement that is usually in the internal private thoughts of one’s self, determining if they are on track, keeping up, in the game, and making progress with those like them. The challenge is this is an illusion of success and often an unreachable mirage. You can reflect on those who are the top of the top, status/material wise, and find depression, hopelessness, despair, etc. This is because success is not found in these things. Sometimes status and access to things can make life easier, but it is not the true definition of success.

So how do you know how you are doing? Are you successful? Dr. Bradberry offers these 9 measurements:

1.      You’re no longer the center of the universe.

2.      You stay positive.

3.      You know that failure isn’t forever.

4.      You keep things in perspective.

5.      You ask for help when you need it.

6.      You realize that life isn’t a zero-sum game.

7.      You can tell the difference between drama and excitement.

8.      You no longer care what other people think.

9.      You accept what you can’t change and change what you can. 

Read his full article to understand what is meant by each and consider how you are doing! See Dr. Bradberry’s full article here: