2018 Top Books of the Year

2018 Top Books of the Year

2018 Top Books of the Year

Each year I learn about many books from clients and the industry that are top reads for business, growth, and development.  It is fun to hear what my clients are reading and how they are applying and integrating them into their work and life. This year I have also been diving into Neuroscience, Leadership and Coaching and have been blessed to connect with these books and authors. Here are my three top books for the past year….

#1) Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine. This book is a game changer in self-awareness and supporting your internal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perspectives. I believe it trumps Emotional Intelligence because when you understand what your Saboteurs are, you realize how your EI gets hijacked. A free assessment on the website helps to identify your Saboteurs and the book unpacks how they each work and supports you to develop your Sage mind.  I believe this is a game changing book when you understand what it is really about.

#2) Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glasser.  This amazing thought leader passed away this year – but has left the world with her wisdom, many thoughts and concepts captured in this book. She is a thought leader because she speaks a language that is relevant now but is growing in relevance as the world advances. The need for people to understand one another and shift from the telling “I” approach to the collaborative “we” approach is where business is moving. Leaders will need to understand and embody this approach to working with people. This book has a great high level of ideas and approaches to take your conversations to the next level.

#3) Quiet Leadership by David Rock. A great book for leaders and understanding people and the brain. With a key concept of the SCARF model and how humans get hijacked in shift from their positive and open mind of the frontal lobe to the limbic system where the brain is more in reaction and fight/flight. A great book to understand human behavior and how relationships or interactions can short circuit and go south vs. be positive and forward moving.

Books I need to finish from this year:

·        Hearding Tigers by Todd Henry

·        The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins

·        Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller