10 Benefits of a First Thing Morning Planning “Power Hour”

10 Benefits of a First Thing Morning Planning “Power Hour”

Here are a few benefits you may gain from doing a AM Power Hour:
1. Clean out your mind so you can focus on one thing at a time vs. 9 things
2. Stay on top of things and avoid phone calls about forgetting things or being late
3. Keeps things in perspective and know what I have to do
4. Plan my days and week and have the big picture in mind (allows you to be more strategic)
* know when you have to say no vs. over-committing or dropping the ball
* accurately estimate how much time I need to block out for things,
* know when to ask for help
5. Are more productive, getting things done and making progress
6. Ensure you get the “behind the scene” paperwork done too (the important things)
7. Helps to get the frogs done (not procrastinate)
8. Keeps a clear schedule so you know what you need (if I need to work late, etc.)
9. Get out of the gate sooner; able to start the day at 7:30 without chasing tale for hours
10. Be in control of your day vs. your day and everything else controlling you = reduced frustration!

Many people think they already do this “in their mind” but don’t take the time to do it on paper. Others, feel they don’t have time to stop and do this. The amazing thing is, if you do it, you will have more time to do this and the other things. The key is the DISCIPLINE to stick to it. You have to make it a routine in your day; otherwise it is just hard to make it happen. If you miss a day, don’t stress. Try again tomorrow. The truth is, when you do it you will be more effective. When you don’t, you will absorb time trying to get your barring and might not be doing the things that matter the most. Do you care how your day unfolds? If so, try a Power Hour.


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