New Year Planning

New Year Planning

I hope you are doing well and are getting ready for a great New Year!!

If you are in the mood to reflect on the year and plan forward, my favorite planning tool is attached.  This Goal Planning Workbook is a great way to implement your New Year’s resolutions and creating a game plan for a productive and prosperous new year!

Here is a quick view of the five-step process.  You can download the complete Workbook here,

#1 Evaluate & Design: Evaluate each area of your life. Consider adjustments that need to happen in the different areas of my life….

                                                                                                      Current Status                                  How I want it to be
Finances (Money)
Me/Personal Growth
Space (office/home)
Career Development
Friends/Extended Family
Immediate Family

PICK ONE AREA TO FOCUS ON: _______________________

#2 – Planning: What do you have to do to reach your goal?

  1. My Big Picture Goal (make sure your goal is not too small. This is where you are headed, your big picture!)
  2. What I need to do to make that happen (Buckets or key focus for success)
  3. Roadblocks that could get in the way (What could stop you?)
  4. What to do? Ways I can overcome the roadblocks (action steps)
  5. So what? (if this happens, what will it mean to me?)

#3 Key Action Steps: Consider what key things you will need to do to accomplish your goal. Create a list of SMART milestones that are important to move you along the road to goal success. LIST….

#4 Setting Goal Themes and areas of focus: Considering your goal and the key action steps above; consider which areas you would like to focus on each month for the next year to keep you moving forward one step at a time. (i.e. accounting, processes, staffing, HR, marketing, etc.) LIST BY MONTH….

#5 Monthly Planner for Goal Milestones: Considering your goal, outline each month’s activities you will do in each month to keep you moving forward one step at a time. 

  • a milestone target – (i.e. your goal is to double your sales by the end of the year, so each month, you will increase by 5%, so in 10 months you have doubled your goal.)
  • special projects or initiatives you are doing to support accomplishing your goal (i.e. in Feb you might purge all files and update all contacts in support of the organization)
  • activities (1x or ongoing) you are doing to overcome obstacles (i.e. 5 networking events/mo.) LIST BY MONTH….

Print out the tool for graphics and use it as a paper plan.

Counting the blessings of the past year and wishing you the best.

Coach Christy Geiger, Synergy Strategies

Live Leadership at a higher level.
Get Clarity. Stay Focused. Plan for Success.