The walk the talk is a play to sync the actions and tasks that came to mind in the last few steps… review your reflections from step 1, your tolerations from step 2 and your wheel from step 4. If there are any “tasks” (vs a toleration project) consolidate them to the WALK THE TALK list.

You will want to keep your TOLERATIONS list and your WALK THE TALK list. These have tasks that you can schedule each month. At this point just pick or star the ones you want to do in January. If you want to identify months for the other tasks, that is fine, or just wait and when you plan each month (at the end of the month or at the top of the month), pick which actions you will do. To effectively get traction on your tolerations create a 30 min. time block daily to work on your tolerations (one toleration at a time until it is done) for the walk the talk list, pick a few for the current month and make an effort to get them done this month. The point is you don’t have to do everything at once, rather have a place to “park” all the tasks that are on your mind and in your awareness and then take baby steps to get a few off the list each month.

In upcoming steps you will pick 1 – 2 areas to focus on … these areas likely have more tasks, you don’t have to map all of these out right now… you will get to dig into that later. This list is a general gathering and collecting of tasks and actions. It is very effective and can make a significant impact on your life and productivity!

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