Millennial Mindset

Millennial Mindset

PURPOSE – What is the meaning and purpose of your organization;  what are you on a mission for? Is it just about you or does it really matter to the world? How are you serving and reaching and connecting to the community?

EXPERIENCE – What is the experience your business or organization is creating? How does it make people feel when they come into contact with you/your org/biz? Experience is an emotional connection and either it leaves a positive deposit or a negative deposit (and I will challenge a neutral one is negative because neutral deposits require a positive experience to create further action – i.e. return visit, positive share, referral, etc.)

DISCOVERY – What is your customer or audience learning or growing in as a result of them spending their time with you today? Was it worth their time? Did it support them to think about something differently or deeper than they did a moment ago? Did you support them to grow in their curiosity and reflection of themselves and life…? Discovery is a great element that helps create a positive experience as it helps to create the emotional connection of enjoyment, appreciation and support for the journey.

COMMUNITY – Is this all about you and your business and agenda or does this create and build community with those that surround you? Is there a way for them to have a voice, to participate and engage or are they just being told what to do and their engagement is just complying with your agenda? Community is created when there is space for the group’s ideas and thoughts… where there is room to share, discover and experience together. I believe this is a growing factor those in previous generations struggle to understand the real definition of. (myself included) We are used to community being outside ourselves and something we might volunteer in versus something we are part of; an organic and dynamic organism of sorts. We need to learn how to be in community and how to create community. How are you doing that?

INNOVATION – New ideas, different than it was before, progress, improvement, development, taking it to the next level, seeing it in a way that serves the future vs. the past…. Innovation looks at the future and provides solutions to the future needs and challenges – it DOES NOT look at the past and ask what do we need to change. Obviously, when you are looking at the future, you look at where you are currently to determine the gap and the solution – but the point is many try to innovate from where they WERE or ARE and that is a tough place to source new ideas. You will end up with micro changes that are not really that different from what you were doing – which is not innovation. Innovation clears the slate and dreams – but the dream is based on the reflection of the future (which you can gather from studying trends. movements and talking to naturally futuristic people — you know those people who you don’t get what they are saying and they can’t explain why they think the way they do — ) What is the future of your work/biz/org? What will be the challenges for that future? How can you meet or support those challenges? What is the gap from your work today? How can you close it?