Let’s Stop Apologizing, Shared from Courtney Carver

Let’s Stop Apologizing, Shared from Courtney Carver

Recently I read this article: Let’s Stop Apologizing for These 8 Things written by and requested to share it here. Check out her website at BeMoreWithLess.

“Living with less stuff, stress, and busyness is important for a healthier, happier life, but there are other things we can benefit from eliminating too. Let’s stop apologizing for things we don’t need to be sorry for. It’s exhausting and often a quiet reminder that we aren’t good enough. Our hearts show us the way, but when we are apologetic, our heart’s hear, “shhhh …”

Pay attention to how many times you say sorry in a day. A heartfelt “I’m sorry” is powerful. A meaningful apology can repair a relationship or turn us around when we are going in the wrong direction. Let’s not waste it on things we shouldn’t be sorry for.

Let’s stop apologizing for …

staying home.

We apologize by making up elaborate excuses for turning down an invitation. “No thank you, I hope you have a lovely time.” is sufficient.

how we are dressed.

When we think we don’t fit in, we apologize for being under dressed, overdressed, or mismatched. Except for rare circumstances, no one really notices what we are wearing. We can stop apologizing for what we wear.

saying no.

If you spend your free time catching up and doing all the things you don’t have time to do, you don’t have free time. If you want free time – real free time, or if you crave 8 whole hours of sleep, a proper lunch break, or at least 24 hours away from your email, you are going to have to say no without an apology. A lot. This will help.

thinking differently.

Being curious and considering new ideas and ways to create, thrive, love, and live is a blessing. When people reject that and make you feel like apologizing, remember that it’s not about you. They may feel threatened and afraid that if you change you may think differently about them. Be gentle and inspiring instead of apologetic.

for being yourself.

We desperately need to you to be unapologetically you. Ok?

for changing our minds.

Sticking to it for the sake of sticking to it serves no one. Things change outside and inside. When we hold on so we can be right or because we are afraid to change course, we compromise the opportunity to learn and grow.

putting our health first.

Going to bed early, saying no to food that doesn’t agree with us or working out instead of meeting for coffee is nothing to apologize for. When you put your health first, you can serve and connect from a place you just can’t access when you are rundown, sick or tired. Good health is nothing to apologize for.

taking longer than 3.2 seconds to respond to Email.

How many of your emails, voice mails, or other interactions start with “sorry for taking so long to get back to you” even though it’s been less than a day? We are doing our best.

We can be kind and loving without being sorry. Our hearts deserve that.”