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Building on the current era of Industry 4.0 and Web 4.0, we frequently talk about 4.0 Leaders. This is a leader who has the skills to navigate the demands of this 4.0 era. We are still evolving from many years of productivity and production where...

As we move into this new era, we realize that while there is huge value in analytics, our intuition is imperative. Coming into the industry, 4.0 leaders need their intuitive leadership skills more than ever. ...

There are several versions of this adage: "What you celebrate gets repeat." Or, "What you reward gets repeated". Well here's another to consider: What you allow, you promote! ...

COVID is pushing organizations to live and function within uncertainty. We don't know when restrictions will end, when people can congregate again, when it will all be over (if it ever will be). Leadership 4.0 can help us function and lead during this time. ...

The COVID pandemic has made life difficult for so many. It's emotionally and mentally tiring. We have to worry about the health of our family and friends. But there are other stressors too, such as finances, and school, and our social connections. Many of us...

The Healthy Mind Platter is a brain health model developed by David Rock and Dr. Dan Siegel. It describes seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being. In this episode of The Innovative Leader, we look at the three additional activities,...

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