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When everything fell apart in my career and personal life, I could no longer argue. My life was out of whack, I was out of balance and the world was screaming to me I needed to get it together....

In her article,, Veera shared the following suggestions for reducing stress: 1. Engage in reading a good book, watching favorite movies related to different categories like romantic and comedy, enjoy painting or photography, revel in daydreams for at least 15 minutes and use visualization techniques to evoke good...

In my blog, Designing the Physical Environment, I discussed how to evaluate and bring your physical space more in-line with your goals.  Getting organized is crucial to making the best use of your physical environment, but what are the tangible benefits of being more organized?In...

To me, bad stress “runs” you in a way you don’t want to be run. It brings out the “ugly” attributes of you and results in feeling nervous and tense.  You feel overwhelmed and drag as you have to force yourself to push through the...

Yoga. One year the place where I worked offered lunchtime yoga. It was held several times a week and was one of the best things I did for myself. The deep breathing of yoga and the stretching calms and relaxes your body. I found myself...

If you have a cluttered, boring or uninspired work environment it makes it more difficult to be there. 1) Set your “stage” for work. What inspires you, what relaxes you, what brings you joy? Decorate your office with some “art”… some people put motivational quotes or...

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