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Whether you work out of an open concept cubile, an office with a door or a home office, interrutions and an unorganized workday will leave you frustrated, fatigued, ad unsatisfied by the end of it. When you take charge of your environment and stop tolerating...

I’m underneath a thousand pounds of clutter! This month just felt overwhelming. Everywhere I turned there was a pile of STUFF! Usually, I’ve said I live in organized chaos because I know where everything is. It didn’t seem like a big deal. Piles were...

In my blog, Designing the Physical Environment, I discussed how to evaluate and bring your physical space more in-line with your goals.  Getting organized is crucial to making the best use of your physical environment, but what are the tangible benefits of being more organized?In...

The challenge of staying organized through busy workdays and life is a trial for even the best. There are TONS of books on organization strategies out there with many tips and tricks on how to master chaos and achieve a sense of order in your...

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