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Innovation Is Important

Innovation has always been important… but today the ability to be agile and adapt is critical. Here are 5 keys to help leaders develop an innovative mind. I wrote this article for Forbes to help leaders navigate and see new potential. How do you get yourself in creative space? How do you navigate change? What helps you to see trends and futuristic ideas? How do you evolve yourself and business? How do you innovate to evolve your work to stay relevant? What key activities get you in an innovative mode?

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How the world is changing…

“Down with the machines and up with humans,” because to understand, embrace and thrive in this new evolving culture the understanding of human experience and connection is critical. So up with humans. You are important. You matter.

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Millennial Mindset

PURPOSE – What is the meaning and purpose of your organization;  what are you on a mission for? Is it just about you or does it really matter to the world? How are you serving and reaching and connecting to the community? EXPERIENCE – What is the experience your business

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