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One of the most exciting stages of a business or life is when you experience TRACTION! To me, “traction” is when a person or business is in a forward moving state of activity and gaining momentum which supports solid and sustainable action and growth.In 2007,...

EOS® changed my business, my family, and my life…really.  So what, you may ask, is EOS®?  EOS® is the Entrepreneurial Operating System®; a business operating system created in the 1990s by Gino Wickman.  Over the past 20 years, thousands of businesses leaders have been using...

If you want to guarantee that you and your leadership team will never achieve your vision, get comfortable using the following phrase over and over: “Kind of.” Trust me, nothing will kill your company (and maybe you) faster. After running more than a thousand full-day sessions with the...

The Secret of
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