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As an owner of a business sometimes we want our team to think like owners but realize they have a different mindset as a member of the team. ...

In life and as leaders, we need to manage our own thoughts and emotions as well as balance an understanding of those around us. When there is high demand, pressure or stress around us, it can be especially difficult to be patient, understanding and...

Bubble wrap reminds me of what a friend of mine always said about living life in a bubble. She found her joy and happiness because she shielded herself from outside attacks, challenges, and annoyances with the invisible “bubble” she put around herself. It wasn’t unhealthy...

Fantastic Book! Got the book on audio and then purchased the print book. Too many things I wanted to reference! I have been in personal growth for years and this book was still very helpful and packed with great info. The author is insightful and...

The Secret of
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