Wheel of Life Tool and Instructions


Balance Planning Sheet (and extra worksheet with more lines)


THE CLEAN SWEEP ASSESSMENT TOOL – This tool helps you assess what you have in order and what things in your life might be slowing you down from ultimate productivity!


28 Principles of Attraction. How attractive are you? Want to learn more about this? Go to and watch the movie/documentary for $5.


Values Clarification


Personal Character Assessment (Coachville)


Extreme Self Care Assessment Program (Coachville)


NeedLess Program (Coachville)


Personal Foundation Program/Assessment (Coachville)


Personal Development Assessment (Coachville)


Toleration Free Program & Ideas (separate list)


15 Coaching Deliverables (PDF)


Coaching Priorities (PDF)


Quiz: Is Coaching For Me? (DOC)


Coachability Index (PDF)


Love Languages Assessment  The book the 5 Love Languages is a great book for relationships. First, we think of couple relationships. This assessment is to help you find your love language that your partner could be aware of to speak love to you. Have your partner take it so you can speak theirs. There are also books to understand your children’s love language or others in general. It is a great way to speak THEIR language and not just yours. 


The 7 Environments of You


Biz Wiz Success Program


Are You Working on Your Business or Is Your Business Working On You?


Coaching Session Prep Form (DOC)

The Secret of
Leadership is