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Have you considered if YOU are engaged? Some solutions to managing time for the 21st century professional can be found in the new paradigm called ENERGY MANAGEMENT.

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Do you need to make better use of your time?

Staff at the Mayo clinic suggest to improve your time management by trying one of several techniques for just two to four weeks.  You can then choose other techniques one at a time for further improvement. Here is  what they suggest: “Plan each day. Planning your day can help you

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Time Management for the Creative Person

Your environment can either support your endeavors or drain your energy. One part of your environment is all of the “stuff” that is around you and this is the book that will help you get a handle on that “stuff!” If you are a hoarder, this book, Time Management for the

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Monday Morning Leadership

Monday Morning Leadership is a great book that can be read in one sitting and then re-read over the course of 8 days or 8 weeks. Phenomenal MUST read. It includes 8 easy to digest mentoring sessions that one of the authors, David Cottrell, had sitting at the feet of

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