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Kevin Lloyd, executive pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, Georgia. in his article, 10 Must-Have Leadership Habits That Require Zero Talent said “The good news is, talent is overrated when it comes to making an impact as a leader.” His coach once told him, “Kevin,...

Often in life we get hung up when others act differently than we would have liked. People say something harshly, people don't call when you hoped they would, people end relationships abruptly, people don't show up, people are on a different page causing miscommunication, etc....

Difference between Leader and Manager http://bit.ly/cPwQHE   Leadership Management Conflicts: Leader uses the conflicts Manager avoids the conflicts Focus: Leading people Managing work Outcomes: Achievements Results Appeal to: Heart Head Origin of word: The word "leader" adopted from the German: the word Führer, and its accompanying ideas on the Führerprinzip The verb manage comes from the Italian maneggiare which in turn derives from...

We are leaders in our businesses, communities and homes. Sometimes people around us can feel exhausted if we have silent expectations for them or we hope they will lead themselves. As humans, we are all influenced by others around us. Even powerful leaders look to...

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