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Ongoing unpredictability has left many leaders feeling fatigued, but times of complexity demand leaders to lead strong and help their teams navigate....

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) https://youtu.be/f8hA5kUQlug Leadership in 2020 has been a workout for most leaders. It had challenged leaders to assess their business and adapt to changing times. Today in The Innovative Leader Podcast, David and Christy look at four...

Leadership can be challenging to say the least. As good leaders, we work on developing our emotional intelligence, leadership maturity, and skills daily. Despite this constant journey of growth and maturing, it can be perplexing in the midst of leadership challenges to discern what is...

Do you ever wonder how trust is lost and restored? It is a quiet but common musing for many leaders given the fragility of trust. I wrote this article to support leaders in the new year to assess how their actions can affect trust and...

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