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Here’s the struggle: How do we get things done? Why do some companies get things done and others struggle? As a leader, you can be in a car or on a plane. The car has to travel on a road, with boundaries and roadblocks. Planes,...

The challenge: How can leaders navigate forward with innovation while followers are still in SCARF mode in the present and not ready to move forward.

Leaders can help themselves in 3 ways:


In this episode of The Innovative Leader, we look at the differences between leaders with a 2.0 framework and leaders in a 4.0 framework in these three areas:...

During this period where everyone is telling us to be patient, that doesn’t mean we have to hit the pause button on innovation. In fact, in some areas, there has never been a better time to innovate or a more captive audience for innovation....

The Secret of
Leadership is