Assessment tools can quickly expedite our understanding of ourselves and others. Why do we think, act and feel a certain way? Why does this behavior keep happening? What is the lens in which we see the world and others?

Assessment tools are highly supportive for professionals and leaders to grow their soft skills to improve the way they show up in the workplace and lead, which dramatically affect business performance.

The DISC Index is based on Dr. William Marston’s work to understand and measure behavioral styles. The DISC is a self-assessment tool that provides a glimpse of a persona natural and adaptive behavioral style.

This helps to forecast personal behavioral preferences, habits, and approaches to communication. It is supportive of projecting how a person will fit in a role, culture and work for a team.

The Values Index is an amazing secondary tool that helps to understand our motivational wiring.
It combines the work of Drs. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport to create the most powerful motivations profile on the market today. Such information is vital when it comes to motivating employees, making hiring and selection decisions, understanding performance issues or anywhere that requires understanding what drives, motivates and inspires an individual.

Understanding WHY someone does what they do is the key to understanding how to get them well aligned with work and in an environment that will lead to the most passion.

These tools can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Leadership, Personal Growth, and Development: understand yourself – strengths, weaknesses/shadows, and level up your performance by growing your awareness of the impact of your style, close gaps that create misunderstand and improve performance as your build on behavioral assets
  • Career Development/Personal Branding/Job Search: understand your profile, how that fits or doesn’t fit with certain careers, jobs, and positions. “Try on” the career/job and assess how it compliments your natural style or triggers the shadows of your style. Set yourself up for a thriving career vs. frustrating. Great for college students, professional greeting a stronger career brand, executives developing a leadership image and reputation
  • Leadership Team Development / Team Building: learn the difference between team members and improve understanding and communication. When the tool is used with a leadership or division team, it can help to understand the workplace culture, troubleshoot miscommunication or breakdowns and provide a common language for people to more quickly understand one another, relate and work together.
  • Couples/Parenting/Family: Starting with understanding couples understanding each other, the assessment helps to upgrade their ability to learn each other’s natural style and perspectives. With this knowledge, they are equipped to communicate better, reduce conflict and have a stronger relationship. As children mature, having kids in Middle School take the assessment can help parents understand their children’s natural style both to provide greater insight and connection with their children and also to help their kids better understand themselves. Often our judgments and frustrations of partners and children are when they live life in a style that is different than our own and we all try to communicate and connect from our own styles perspective. Understanding these differences improves relationships, communication, and appreciation for one another.

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