Leaders are in a constant state of learning and change. Leaders come to executive coaching to help gain insight for themselves to identify blind spots, to fill in leadership ditches, and to better achieve their goals. An accelerant to this is understanding how the brain works. Neuro awareness and skills can help a leader personally, and then as they hone their skills, they can practice, share, and mentor with their followers. Understanding how the brain works supports ourselves and our team to get the best results for human performance. Why? Because really, we are our brains.

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Bubble wrap reminds me of what a friend of mine always said about living life in a bubble. She found her joy and happiness because she shielded herself from outside attacks, challenges, and annoyances with the invisible “bubble” she put around herself. It wasn’t unhealthy or overly “protecting” so to speak, it was just a “boundary” of separating herself from people who wanted to barf on her, be negative, critical, condescending, discouraging, leaching, using or having silent expectations that were exhausting and unrealistic to fulfill. It was a way to define “my world”, “my perspective” and “my joy” separate from the lens and unfiltered opinions others like to project on us.

The Secret of
Leadership is