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Here are a few tips that many leaders “forget” in our busy and overwhelmed states but will help to find traction, reduce stress, and achieve results!...

One of the most exciting stages of a business or life is when you experience TRACTION! To me, “traction” is when a person or business is in a forward moving state of activity and gaining momentum which supports solid and sustainable action and growth.In 2007,...

In today’s highly changing business world, getting traction in your business or achieving success can be a challenge. Competing for people’s attention and standing out in the crowd are keys to get to where you want in business. With so many things to do, many...

SUMMARY: HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 5 star. This book is a MUST HAVE for business leaders. As a business coach and trainer, I often recommend it to most of my business owners and leaders. Those who are starting a business to those in larger organizations find it helpful....

The book, Traction, is a fantastic resource for business owners (one person businesses and up) who want to understand the PROCESS side of their business. The tag line for the book is “get a grip on your business”, which is exactly what this book is...

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