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Inspiration to me is what I think about, am passionate about, want to learn more about, and constantly seek to deepen understanding and ability to do well....

Quote: "To compete in the race of life, you have to show up." ~ Christy Geiger...

Quote: "Success requires work, no one succeeds by just thinking about it." ~ Christy Geiger...

Quote: "The grass might seem greener on the other side of the fence, but I guarantee it took an investment to get green. Make sure you see the whole picture (work to get the results) and not just envy the results." ~ Christy Geiger...

Synergy Strategies' Coaching and Training programs build solid visions, goals and strategies to increase organizational and personal effectiveness; saving time, energy and money. We will work with you to design a program that will maximize your strengths and address your needs so that your people...

Have you ever thought about trying coaching but don’t really know how it works? That is a common question people have. Here is what we, at Synergy Strategies do: ….. We are a coaching company that supports people to bring every part of their life together to...

The Secret of
Leadership is