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5 Steps to Grow Through Challenging Change

At times of significant change, we can either survive or find a way to thrive. That might sound too optimistic when we have just been massively uprooted and many things seem upside-down, uncertain and risky. As humans and leaders, we crave some certainty, good news and light at the end of the tunnel to be able to lead and navigate forward. The truth is, while darkness is challenging, light in the darkness is more needed and shines more brightly. Our ability to be a light in this challenging time is important and will not only help ourselves adapt better but also be an encouragement to those around us. It gives you hope and inspires others as well. As we focus on this light, we find a way to THRIVE.

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Building a Story Brand Book Review

Last May I got to hear Donald Miller speak. First, he talked about how the brain works and that humans are constantly scanning for information to help them SURVIVE AND THRIVE.  They are listening for things that will help them “survive” better.  The information needs to be worth their energy

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