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I am excited to share with you this e-book, Ordinary People Can Achieve Their Lofty Goals. I am honored to be personally featured with some of the greatest minds of our day. This e-book compiles articles from over 50 leaders through tips, recommendations and strategies...

When things get hectic from trips, being sick, missed work days, special projects that take excessive work time; one of the first things to go is our routines, habits and the organization of our space and mind. Quickly we become overwhelmed or stuck as we...

This is one of Steven Covey's foundational books on how to be effective and productive. There are many great tips and strategies in this book. One of the most common is the 4 box grid which helps identify the important vs. urgent. In our society...

It is very easy to get into the REACTIONARY circle of life! We deal with what comes up and are hard pressed to make progress on our to-do lists! Here are a few strategies on how to maximize your time, energy and effort through good...

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