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Leadership in today’s constantly changing world is important but can be daunting. There are many who talk about ideas, strategies, and methods to lead ...

Christy and David explain how women’s leadership builds and natures teams plus how women are more aware of multiple things in an organization. ...

We’re living in rapid times and change is inevitable for organizations and teams. Transitioning is all about organizational structure and liquidity....

Nowadays, there are countless ways to learn practical, technical, and increasingly crucial leadership skills. From simply following and listening to the Innovative Leader Podcast to getting an actual mentor to teach you the finer points of leadership, there’s no shortage of ways for people to...

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) https://youtu.be/f8hA5kUQlug Leadership in 2020 has been a workout for most leaders. It had challenged leaders to assess their business and adapt to changing times. Today in The Innovative Leader Podcast, David and Christy look at four...

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) How do you leverage the next 90? In the Innovative Leader Podcast today, we are focusing on three keys to get and stay in action. Have Challenging Goals: The Good to Great concept of the BHAG what...

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