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Different personalities, experiences, and histories can leave a leader feeling baffled as to how to effectively communicate, provide meaningful feedback, and inspire positive change in their followers. Neuroscience gives some great tips on feedback approaches that are effective and translate well to any individual’s...

As April 2020 opens, and the COVID-19/Corona virus pandemic has unleashed its global impact, Christy Geiger and David Phillips consider the 5 P's that leaders need to focus on during this time. Whether you are leading yourself, your family, your business ...

ollowing the red balloon is one of the most dangerous things a founder can do. Red balloons are bright, moving and attractive. At first, the red balloon simply captures your attention. However, as you look and reflect, it will trigger curiosity and wonderment. ...

It is natural that there are some instances where you can feel discouraged, down and even depressed about the certain happenings in your work and life. However, it is best for you to take over your problems rather than your problems taking over you. As a leader,...

It takes two to tango and two to influence. Both the influencer and the person being influenced must want it to work and must invest in making it work. Consider the difference between leading and managing and different level of engagement before trying to influence anyone. In brief, leaders...

We are all leaders. No matter what your role. Who are you leading/influencing? Book: THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE: The New Way To Win in Business - and in Life Leaders without a title know that whether they have a title or not, they have power...

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